When Shark Tank was founded, it was about the entrepreneurs

By John Hoeven – 12/11/2014 04:13:49There are only about 20 sharks in the world, but many of them are well-known in the shark community, and there are a lot of them on Shark Tank.Shark Tank has been running since 1997 and it’s been an enormous success.In 2016, it raised more than $4 billion in funding, […]

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How to get more of what you want from your website and email newsletter

In many ways, the most important part of your business plan should be the email newsletter.A lot of people will tell you that the email is the most valuable part of the process of launching a business.The truth is that it’s the one thing you have the most control over.That’s because emails are a great […]

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What’s in a name? What’s wrong with our ‘American Dream’

In the past year, several new startups have come to prominence that have raised millions of dollars in venture capital and helped change the face of the American economy.But for many, their success has also made them targets for the same old fears of sexism and discrimination that have dogged many women entrepreneurs.“I’m not saying […]

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What to do if you don’t want to work for a corporation?

The idea of working for a non-corporate organisation is now a cliché.It is often assumed that being an entrepreneur is as easy as becoming an engineer.But in fact, there are several steps to becoming an entrepreneur.Here is a list of the most important steps.1.Be independent 2.Make a plan 3.Start the journey 4.Make your first investment […]

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Which UK-based entrepreneur is most inspiring?

Business leaders and venture capitalists are increasingly embracing the notion of using the UK as a place to start a business and the first UK-born entrepreneurs in history have hailed from across the UK.Here are some of the most famous and influential.1.Martin Scorsese Martin Scersese is a film director, screenwriter, director, producer, director of photography, […]

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