How do you pronounce the name of the billionaire who’s going to make your life easier?

In an interview with the New York Times, Michael Graziano, co-founder of Twitter and the parent company of Instagram, said he wanted to “make Twitter better for people”.

He continued: “I wanted to build a better Twitter, a better product.

So I said, ‘OK, let’s build a Twitter for the rest of us’.”

The reason why I started is that, when you go to Twitter, you don’t get a really good user experience.

And so I was looking at what could be done, and the first thing I did was make a product that was better for everyone.

And that’s what Twitter is.

“Graziano also said he was interested in “making it more interesting and more personal” and “more of a platform for people to connect”.

He also made a point of stating that the company would be “not a Facebook for people”, but rather a platform to “share ideas, talk to friends, and engage”.

Grazianos name is a bit unusual, but it doesn’t stop him from becoming an influential person in the space.

He is the founder of the popular venture capital firm Founders Fund and was recently appointed as its CEO.

Grazio’s father was a successful business owner and former president of Motorola, which he sold in 2005.

His father also owned a business called the Grazios, which was sold to eBay for $2.5 billion in 2013.

In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Grazio said that his father was one of the most influential men in the world.

The son, who also has a young daughter, also revealed that he was “a huge fan of the show Breaking Bad” and had a number of friends from the show.

Gruziano said: “That was a really interesting time, the ‘Breaking Bad’ days.

We had these incredible experiences.

“Gruzonians daughter has also recently started working in Silicon Valley and he said that it was a “great time” to work in tech.

He added: “My wife and I decided to go back to the Bay Area, where we grew up.

And we’ve really been in love ever since.

“Gaziano also revealed the story behind his father’s name and that he has been named after his father.

In his interview with The New York Magazine, Giziano said he came up with the name after reading “the book The Man Who Would Be King”.

Giziano has since started a consulting business, GrosstheGraziani, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs, brands and investors find partners.

Gizianos Twitter handle is @graziano and he also recently released a book called The Grazies.

In addition to his involvement with Twitter, Gaziano has been working as an entrepreneur in various media.

Gazianos most notable role as an investor was as a co-chair of the US presidential campaign of Mitt Romney in 2012.

Grossman, who was a major investor in Facebook, has been an investor in Google, Uber, and a number other companies, and has also been a major player in the global media industry.

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