Entrepreneur fund: Investors looking to buy startups

Investors in the startup space are flocking to the “entrepreneurs fund,” which is aimed at raising capital to finance new businesses.

The entrepreneur fund, which launched in the US earlier this month, aims to invest in a “significant number” of companies and entrepreneurs.

“We have a lot of great entrepreneurs, but we need capital,” said Ryan Graziano, founder and CEO of the entrepreneur fund.

“Entrepreneurs are the first ones to go public and we have a really good pipeline of companies to invest into.”

Graziano told Bloomberg that the fund aims to provide up to $100 million in venture capital, with up to 30% coming from the US.

“Entrepreneur investors are the people that are the next big thing in the space,” he said.

“They’re the next billion-dollar companies.

And we want to be able to take advantage of that.”

The entrepreneur investor fund launched on Monday, raising $6.6 million in a round led by Goldman Sachs, which will be used to invest at least $50 million in startups and $50 billion in businesses.

Investors can apply by submitting their investment in the investor fund, and will be given the option to invest up to 90% in one of the companies listed.

The fund has also partnered with Y Combinator, which is investing in about 100 startups.

“The entrepreneur-focused accelerator is really important for our startup community because we need to make sure we’re building a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship,” said Adam Levitin, CEO of Y Combination.

“There are not many places in the country where you can do that.”

For investors, the funding is a great way to access the funding pool.

The entrepreneur fund is a unique opportunity to access capital to invest, and the fund can offer up to a $100,000 grant for a company.

In addition to the $100-million in funding, investors will be able access more than $1 billion in funding over the next two years.

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