Why Disney is the best company in America

Disney’s stock market performance has been on a tear lately.

The company is on track to report record earnings this year and has already passed $1 trillion in market value.

But, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, says he wants to make the most of his company’s future, not limit it.

The Disney board has approved a plan that would create an entirely new Disney Dreamland theme park, complete with an indoor water park and theme parks on two of its Islands.

Disney is also looking to expand its theme parks in Canada and in Asia.

Disney is building two new theme parks: the Adventureland Resort and Star Wars Land.

It will open two new Disney theme parks, Disney California Adventure and Disney Fantasyland, which will be called Star Wars and Star Tours respectively.

Both parks will be fully themed, with new rides, attractions and shops.

And the park will include a new resort that will include the “Star Wars” characters, according to Iger.

Iger says the company has been working hard to bring these two new attractions to market.

“We’ve got to do it right,” he told Bloomberg.

There are some things that we’re not doing right right, he added.

He says the focus should be on the next generation of Disney and the Disney Dream.

Disney’s new theme park will also include the Star Wars characters, he says.

The plan also calls for two new Star Tours parks in addition to the Disney California Adventures, Star Warsland and Star Trek Adventures.

The company has also been experimenting with its theme park concept.

The Walt Disney World Resort will be the first of its kind, and will be themed in a similar way to the Disneyland and Disney California Kingdoms theme parks.

That theme park is set to open in 2021, and the company will also create a new Disney Fantasy Land resort.

For years, Disney has been testing its theme theme parks to try and find the perfect balance between innovation and accessibility, said Jason Brown, an analyst with Forrester.

But in a time when there is so much demand for new entertainment, it’s possible to make a profit by focusing on those things that will bring the most value to consumers.

Instead, Disney is focusing on creating new attractions and a theme park that will make its brands stronger, Brown said.

In his speech, Iger said he wants the new theme lands to bring new experiences to guests.

Iger also said the company is considering putting an indoor amusement park in Canada.

A Disney DreamLand will include two new rides and attractions that will be completely themed.

The park will be located at Disney California, where Disney currently has three theme parks and is also planning a fourth, which is scheduled to open later this year.

Star Wars Land will be a completely new version of the Star Tours theme park.

It will be set in an indoor park with the characters and vehicles of the original Star Wars films, according a statement from Iger on the company’s website.

Like Star Tours, Star Trek Land will have a brand new attraction, the “Trek Experience,” which will open in 2019.

The new attraction will be part of a theme called “Star Trek,” which Iger says is the future of the Disneyland theme park and of Disney’s theme parks worldwide.

In the future, I will also be looking at adding new attractions that have new worlds, such as a Star Wars themed park, he said.

The Star Wars Experience will be partially funded by Disney and will also have an indoor experience.

He added that there will also not be a theme for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

According to Igers statement, the park has not yet been finalized and that the park could be built in the future.

If the park is built, it will not be ready for public release until 2021, Igers said.

But he also said he will not wait too long before the park opens.

During the announcement, I can’t wait to see the world, said Iger at a panel at the Disney’s investor conference.

Now, I think that’s all very exciting.

And I’ll be happy to sit down and sit and talk with you all at length about the future in a few weeks.

Let me just say, I don’t have a lot of time left on this job, I’ll leave you with this, I really can’t be more excited about this.

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