What’s in a name? What’s wrong with our ‘American Dream’

In the past year, several new startups have come to prominence that have raised millions of dollars in venture capital and helped change the face of the American economy.

But for many, their success has also made them targets for the same old fears of sexism and discrimination that have dogged many women entrepreneurs.

“I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have to go out and prove ourselves, but what’s wrong about ‘American dream’?” said Susan Sontag, a Harvard Law School professor who has written extensively on the intersection of sexism, sexism in technology, and gender in business.

“Women have to be able to be successful in a lot of different fields.”

Sontage also pointed out that while women often have to fight for funding, the obstacles to women entrepreneurs can be very different from those faced by men.

“There’s a big difference between being a woman in tech and being a male entrepreneur,” she said.

“In Silicon Valley, a lot more of the tech is focused on being a man.”

Sondheim’s ‘A Night in New York’ In her book, Sontages’ first book about her career, Sondages wrote that “when I first started, the odds were against me.

I was a guy, in a business that was very male-dominated.

So when I went out and applied, I didn’t feel like I had any support.

I couldn’t do anything.

I didn ‘really’ have a plan.”

When she started out, Sommers only knew about venture capital from reading about it online.

“My first day on the job, I was told, ‘You need to get a business plan,’ and I got a business card and my first check for $50,000,” she wrote.

But as the company grew, she was able to take advantage of funding that was more accessible to her, which helped her build the company she now calls A Night in the City.

Sontagers company is now valued at more than $1 billion and she says she has been fortunate to have “a really good relationship with my investors” in the last year.

The success of her startup, called A Night In the City, has not gone unnoticed by those who believe that it perpetuates stereotypes about women in tech.

“When a woman starts a company, her odds of being the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company are significantly lower than it is for a man,” wrote Sarah Wollenberg in The Washington Post.

“This is not an accident; it is a direct consequence of how our culture treats women.”

And in a recent tweet, President Donald Trump has also called women “chicks” and women “sluts” and said that he is “not looking for a fight.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t understand the struggles of women entrepreneurs,” Sontager said.

It’s just that he does not understand what it takes to become a successful female entrepreneur.

For example, Sowthies co-founder and CEO Susan Sowths co-founded A Night’s City in 2007, and she is one of only two women in the history of the company to be the company’s president and CEO.

And she believes that her experience as a female entrepreneur has helped her create the company that she is today.

“It is a privilege to be a leader in this industry and to be in charge of a successful startup,” Sowts wrote on Twitter.

“We’re not only a great company, we’re also an incredibly talented team and a great place to raise our team, build our team and grow our company.”

Sowtys co-founders say they have “been humbled and honored” by the support that they have received from their male counterparts.

“Everyone has been supportive and encouraged and supportive and supportive,” said Sowsthys co, Sarah Wannstetter.

“Every single person that has ever worked with us has been amazing, every single person has been a real mentor, every person has put their arms around us and made us feel like we belong.”

But while many of these female founders and investors have been able to pursue their dreams and success, others have had to overcome many obstacles and continue to fight to get there.

“They’re going through the same obstacles and hurdles that I’m going through as a woman,” said Susan Wannstrom, co-creator of the popular online dating app Tinder.

“And when you do have these obstacles, I think the hardest part is just finding the strength to overcome it.”

Wannthies has since launched her own company, which she describes as a “digital dating app” that aims to make dating more accessible for all genders.

She says that she has faced many obstacles, but she believes her experience has helped make her “one of the best at it.”

“My biggest challenge has been to make it so that I am able to meet people, I can make it work,”

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