How Forbes ranks the richest entrepreneurs in the country

The most valuable business in the world has become a household word.

But how does a $1.4 billion company become a billionaire?

Forbes ranked the top 10 companies in the United States on Monday and, of course, there are plenty of billionaires in other countries.

The magazine analyzed the top 250 U.S. companies to determine who is the richest.

This list includes a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechs, technology, real estate and even the entertainment industry.

Here’s how Forbes determined the richest: 1.

AT&T: $1,939 billionThe telecom giant is now the wealthiest U.s. company.

It ranked second behind Alphabet Inc., which is worth $2.4 trillion.

AT &T’s market value has grown nearly 150% in the last five years.

The telecom giant has grown its wireless business to almost $60 billion.


General Electric: $906 billionGeneral Electric has become one of the most valuable companies in America.

Its market value was $8.9 billion in 2014.

The company now has a market value of $867 billion.


IBM: $836 billionThe computer giant is one of only two companies on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest companies.

It has a valuation of $7.2 billion, or more than twice its annual revenue of $1 billion.


Apple: $726 billionApple is a major player in the mobile industry.

Its mobile devices have become a $2 trillion industry.

The firm has become the largest maker of smartphones in the U. S. and the second-largest maker of computers.


Intel: $655 billionIntel’s market cap is $1 trillion, or $4.4 million, a staggering amount for a company that has only one product.

The chip maker’s market share in the technology industry is also rising.


Amazon: $539 billionAmazon has a $4 billion market cap, making it the fourth-largest company in the industry.

Amazon’s market valuation is $531 billion.


General Motors: $517 billionThe maker of the Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Suburban is the fifth-largest U. in the market.

Its valuation is up nearly $300 million in the past five years, making the company the fourth largest auto company in America in 2017.


Hewlett-Packard: $489 billionThe software giant ranks fourth on the list of richest companies in a large part because of its $5.5 billion market value.

The market value for HP is $486 billion.


General Mills: $490 billionThe packaged food company ranks seventh on the Forbes list of wealthiest companies.

Its value is $484 billion, which is $933 million more than it earned in 2014, according to the company.


Intel Corporation: $491 billionThe chip company has a global market value $1.,000 billion, and it has a strong presence in China.

The value of its business in China has increased nearly 15% since 2014.

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