9 great startup ideas for the entrepreneur


Create a company from scratch with an open-source code source New Yorkers love to build products from scratch, and there are many companies that are taking advantage of the process.

But for many entrepreneurs, building a startup requires a bit more work.

That’s where open source software (OSS) comes in.

Here are 10 ways to get started with open source coding.

The Startup of the Future 2.

Share the code source This is the most popular open source project for businesses, with over 100 million downloads and over 50 million active developers.

Open source software lets you share code and collaborate on projects without needing a corporate license.


Become an editor for your own projects source Some businesses have become experts at editing, publishing and revising their own code.

They use a variety of software tools and platforms to do this, including GitHub, Bitbucket, CodePen, Sublime Text, Atom and many more.


Create your own social media network source There are countless ways to become an expert on your favorite social media platform.

For example, you could use an app like Mixpanel, but there are also many apps for creating your own.


Use your existing email account to launch your new startup source Many companies have started using email to promote their businesses.

Some companies have developed their own email marketing strategies, and others have adopted a simple system that lets you send out a newsletter, get an invitation to a social event or even get an invite to an interview.


Write code that gets you noticed by people outside of your team source The more you work with open- source software, the more likely you are to find others who are interested in using your code.

Here’s a few of the more interesting ways to share your work.


Use GitHub to get noticed source There’s nothing quite like GitHub to make your life easier, and many startups have created their own tools to help with this.


Write your own web app for your business source Some companies are making use of GitHub to let their users create their own web applications.

Some of these projects are very simple and don’t require any coding skills.


Create and run your own open source chat app source This one is a bit tricky to pull off, but here’s a great tip to get you started: create a free online chat room.

This is a way to connect with your community, as well as get people to contribute to your project.


Build your own digital marketing tool source While it may seem complicated, there are a number of online tools and services that can help with your marketing goals.

One of the most promising tools for this is BuzzSumo, a social media marketing tool that lets users see how many times their posts are shared.

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