Top Entrepreneurs and Women on Twitter are the most influential, according to the Gender in Tech initiative

An organization called the Gender In Tech (GIT) initiative has released its most influential women and men on Twitter.

The organization has released a list of “the most influential” Twitter users and their top tweets.

The list features people who have been on Twitter for a year or more, as well as people who were active in a previous year, but have been inactive for more than a year.

The group also includes people who are not active in Twitter, but whose presence is noteworthy.

The gender in tech group says its focus is on the next generation of leaders and influencers who can help bring about change in the tech industry.

GIT also makes it easy to find influencers on Twitter by adding them to the top 100 of all Twitter users.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with @GIT, the most powerful platform for the conversation on the future of women and girls in tech, to make it easier to find your next influencer on Twitter and engage with them.

The GIT list is curated by @GitHub, an online platform that connects companies and individuals to influencers, which is a key component of the initiative.

For the past few years, GIT has released lists of influential people, which it then curated and vetted to provide the most reliable and comprehensive data available on women and minorities in tech.

“This year’s list is a collaboration with @github, which we’ve used as a benchmark for the future,” GIT founder and CEO Amy McFarland said in a statement.

“The list shows women and people of color in tech are increasingly influential, as they have continued to lead in the field of technology while making significant contributions to the industry.

Women and people who identify as people of colour are not only at the forefront of tech, but they are the best and brightest of our people.

The diversity of our diverse community helps drive a powerful technology company.”

A few of the names that make the list are former President of the United States of America Joe Biden, the former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and former President and Chief Strategist of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton.

The second-most influential user is President and CEO of the Women’s Wearable Industry Association, Jocelyn Miller.

She’s a former CEO of Twitter and was previously a co-founder of the Twitter Women’s Network, which works to create a more equal and supportive workplace.

The third-most popular user is former Vice Presidential candidate and Vice President of Google’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, Joanne Sclove.

Miller was a cofounder of Women’s Media Summit, which has been around since 2011.

She was a former White House adviser for the White House and the CEO of

She is also the co-chair of the National Coalition for Black Entrepreneurs.

And lastly, the fourth-most powerful user is Google’s former President Eric Schmidt, who is a senior executive at Google.

He’s the former CEO and co-president of Alphabet and the current chairman of the board of Alphabet.

“When we set out to build an inclusive, inclusive workplace, it was important for us to recognize that our work could also include diverse voices and perspectives,” Schmidt said in the statement.

Schmidt added that the list is meant to be used by other tech companies as a tool to grow the community and encourage the inclusion of all voices.

“We’re thrilled that GIT, through its efforts to create the most inclusive and inclusive environment for women and diverse voices in tech is helping us build a stronger ecosystem and accelerate the conversation,” he said.

The most influential Twitter user on the list isn’t necessarily the most prominent in the industry, but rather the one who has been on the site for a long time.

Women are more likely to be the first to reach out to people when they’re new to the platform.

In general, the top five Twitter users in the world are the women who have had at least one successful tweet or tweet of their own.

The top five most influential users are the two women in this year’s Top Ten list, with women making up the top two.

That’s followed by the women with the most follower counts and most followers.

The Top 10 most influential men are the men who have most followers and followers, with men coming in third and fourth.

The only men in the top ten are the top three, with two women.

Women account for nearly half of all women who tweet on Twitter, according the GenderinTech report.

Twitter has taken steps to combat harassment, but some say that’s not enough to make a dent in the problem.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Bloomberg Businessweek in November that he thinks there is more work to be done.

“I think the fact that Twitter is an open platform, and they’ve gotten better at keeping it that way, it’s a good thing, but I think that is not enough,” he told the publication.

“If we really want

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