CEO says company aims to be ‘innovative, smart and sustainable’ by 2030

Entrepreneur planner planner Joohee Park is launching a new start-up in Seoul that she hopes will help businesses find the right people and get the right services to meet their customers’ needs.

The company, which is named ‘Safecar’, aims to help companies understand their customers, improve their product offerings and offer the right solutions for them, according to a press release.

Safecoar aims to create a ‘Smart Economy’ for businesses, which will make it easier for them to build and improve their products and services.

“We want to build the safest, fastest and most efficient start-ups, that help businesses achieve their goals and make a big impact in their industry,” Joohea Park, founder and CEO of Safecoar, told The Korea Times.

According to Safecoare, its goal is to help businesses save time, improve product offerings, and deliver more effective services to their customers.

Safaecar is targeting a startup community that is already growing at a rapid rate, with plans to create new start ups in the region by 2020.

It is the first start-UP in the South Korean market to reach this milestone.

The start-Up aims to build a “Smart Economy”, which will be made easier for companies to build, improve and offer more effective products and solutions to their clients.

For now, the company is focused on creating new start up companies in the Seoul region.

It has plans to launch a number of services for businesses and provide the right tools to their teams.

Joohee also hopes that SafecoAR will help create a “smart ecosystem” in the country.

She said Safecoares aim will be to create the best and most sustainable start- ups.

More: Sawamura said Safecar has been designed with business, healthcare and technology in mind, and it aims to provide an “innovate, smart, and sustainable” business.

Development Is Supported By

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