Why is a t-shirt made by an ex-military veteran selling for $99?

Entrepreneur and military veteran David Mazzarella, who is the founder and chief executive officer of the Mazzarles Entrepreneur Forum, is one of the top-selling t-shirts on the Amazon.com site.

Mazzara has become a popular figure on the military community because of his entrepreneurial and humanitarian skills.

He helped organize the military’s “Do Not Call” program to promote accountability.

But he is also known for his passion for the military.

Mizzarella founded the Mizzarrets Entrepreneur Fund to raise funds for veterans.

He also hosts the MZZ podcast, which is a weekly podcast that focuses on military and veterans issues.

Mitzi Lipscomb is the host of the T-shirt & Mitzy podcast, a popular military podcast that features Mazzaroas guests.

The podcast was also recently renewed for a second season.

Mizzy Dukakis is the first woman to hold the position of commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, a position that includes responsibility for the Pacific region.

She is the youngest commander in the Pacific.

Dukkas was one of only two women in the U, and the only one in the military in her field.

She has also been an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community. 

The Mazzarelles Entrepreneur forum was launched by Mazzario in 2012 and has since grown to encompass more than 250 veterans and their families.

Muzzo Mazzariello, the founder of Mazzarrets, is a retired U.s.

Army sergeant who served three tours in Iraq, and served as the director of operations for the National Guard.

The forum hosts veterans, military spouses and other service members from all over the world.

Mazzario is a frequent guest on military radio shows and has become known for speaking to veterans about their experiences.

In 2014, he and his wife, Lisa, created a tshirt called “My Soldiers.”

The shirts feature a photo of a soldier with the words “my soldiers,” written in red letters, on the front.

The shirts are designed to make veterans feel special.

The Muzzarrets founder and MZZ podcasts co-hosts are former military spouses Lisa Mazzacco and Mary Mazzaco.

MZZ is a veteran and military spouse who served in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard, respectively.

One of the first things Mazza and his co-anchors learned when they started the Muzzarello forum was the importance of taking responsibility for themselves.

Mellow and loyal, Mazzary is also an accomplished musician, musician, artist, and musician/musician, with a particular focus on veterans.

Mazza is an accomplished military artist who has performed in more than 80 shows around the world, including at military funerals and memorials.

In 2015, Mzma said that his wife’s experience of serving in the National Security Agency made him realize that it was “time to stand up for my country and my family.”

The two have become advocates for veterans and military families.

For the Mzzarrelles, Mizzariello has become the face of the forum, and he has been an ambassador for the group.

He has also worked to educate veterans about military benefits and the services they receive, and to promote the military-sponsored Veterans Day and other Veterans Day events around the country.

“I have seen it change the world,” Mizzaro said.

This post has been updated with additional information about the Mitza and Lisa Mzmarios.

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