Which UK-based entrepreneur is most inspiring?

Business leaders and venture capitalists are increasingly embracing the notion of using the UK as a place to start a business and the first UK-born entrepreneurs in history have hailed from across the UK.

Here are some of the most famous and influential.


Martin Scorsese Martin Scersese is a film director, screenwriter, director, producer, director of photography, cinematographer and editor.

He also founded the film and TV company Scorshees and is best known for his films, Scorshes and Scorses.

Scors-ese was born in Paris in 1957.

He earned his BFA in Film & Television from the London School of Economics in 1980 and MFA in Cinematography from the University of Southern California in 1987.

He is best remembered for his directing debut on the TV series, Scrooged.


The Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien, who was born Richard Owen in Wales, received his PhD from the Imperial College of Arts in London in 1937.

He taught English at the University College London and taught literature at the London College of Art.

He went on to become a writer, translator, and a novelist, and became an international bestselling author.

He died in 2010 at the age of 91.


James Bond James Bond has been a world-wide icon for more than 50 years.

He has starred in over 60 films, television series, and novels.

He was born James Robert Bond in Glasgow in 1953 and became a British citizen in 1962.

He became a director, writer and producer after winning an Oscar for The Spy Who Loved Me in 1967.

He wrote and directed five films before retiring in 2011.


Andy Warhol Andy Warhous has been the most prolific painter, sculptor and photographer of all time.

He received a BFA from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1964.

He founded the Warhol Gallery in New York City, which was the largest gallery in the United States.

He and his wife, actress Joan Crawford, also created the Warhoused Gallery in Paris and the Warhouse Museum in London.


Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vincenzo, born in 1527, is an Italian painter, artist, scientist and designer.

He made artworks in both oil and acrylic paints.

He worked on a variety of subjects including painting, architecture, medicine, science, mathematics and engineering.

He created works for the Royal Academy of Art, the Vatican, the Sorbonne and other museums.

He won the Prix d’Art Moderne in 1795 and the Prix Fransischen Kunsthaus in 1798.

He designed the first mechanical watch in 1594.


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, born on July 1, 1939, is the author of the Harry Potter books and film series.

She is also the creator of the popular Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix television series.


Richard Branson Richard Bransons business is Virgin Media, the parent company of Sky, which owns Virgin Atlantic, the UK’s first Virgin Atlantic flight service, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and Virgin Helicopter.

Branson is also known for flying the Virgin Atlantic Blue Dragon to the International Space Station in 2014.


Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, who has become one of the world’s most famous tech entrepreneurs, is a Canadian-born entrepreneur who has raised more than $8 billion.

He started his Facebook and Twitter businesses as Facebook in 2005.

He then went on a rapid expansion in 2009 and has since become one the worlds largest online businesses with more than 300 million users.


Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is a singer-songwriter, actor and rapper.

He first became famous for his hit song “Baby” which reached No. 1 on the US Billboard charts.

The song was inspired by his relationship with his older sister Kylie.

He joined the Canadian rock band Future in 2014 and the duo went on the hit tour that followed.

He recently made a video for his song “Lights Up” which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.


Chris Farley Chris Farleys career started with an accident at the tender age of 14.

He sustained a head injury in a motorbike accident when he was only nine years old.

He underwent a series of brain surgeries and had a number of surgeries, which led to him retiring in 2008.

In 2013, he founded his own fitness company and he has since won the 2016 Miss Universe competition.

He lives in New Zealand and is an entrepreneur in the private sector.


John Deere John Deeren is the CEO of John Deery, the world leader in tractor trailers.

He came to the US in 1954 and founded the company in 1972.

The company currently operates over 50,000 tractor trailers worldwide.

He served as a United States Army officer and worked as a military adviser to President Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. 12

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