When you’re just starting out, entrepreneurship is not just about money but a commitment to your community

I’m just starting my second year at an Atlanta startup, and one of my mentors said to me, “Don’t be an entrepreneur if you can’t support your family.” 

I have a family that depends on me.

This year, I made a decision to help them with the expenses of getting started and living in a home I’ve built with my partner and his family. 

I’m not an entrepreneur because I can’t make my own business, or because I have a desire to be, but because I believe that people deserve a chance to achieve success if they work hard and sacrifice for their community.

I believe that I have the right to be an American entrepreneur, and I am proud to be part of that movement.

When you are a young entrepreneur in America, it’s important to be confident and humble.

You need to know how to speak your mind, and it’s crucial to show up when you can. 

You need to be the person who can stand up for your cause and make a difference.

That’s where your passion for the cause shines through. 

There are so many opportunities for young people to find a path to success.

You can be a champion of your cause by starting a business or volunteering at a local nonprofit, and that can be as rewarding or challenging as you imagine. 

As an entrepreneur, you have to show that you can contribute to the community in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.

That means putting in the time and dedication to make a positive difference. 

If you’re starting a new business, find out what it’s like to work in the field and what you need to do to get started. 

When you’re an entrepreneur in the United States, you can make the most of your opportunity to get your first paycheck. 

That’s the power of entrepreneurship.

You have a voice, a voice that is often ignored by the public and even by your peers. 

To be an entrepreneurial entrepreneur in Atlanta, you need the right tools.

If you want to make your mark on Atlanta, it takes a commitment and the ability to make positive change in the community. 

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Atlanta is available on Amazon for $6.99.

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