How to get a successful black entrepreneur’s attention: How to make them feel welcome and successful

Fox News host Megyn Kelly said Wednesday that she is “deeply saddened” to report that her favorite black businesswoman, the founder of the hip-hop music company 2Pac, has died.

Kelly’s friend, the rapper Snoop Dogg, is the namesake of the record label 2Pac Records.

Kelly told Fox Business Network that the death of 2Pac founder Snoop was not the first time she heard the rapper’s name.

“I’ve heard his name, Snoop has had a lot of success, he’s a big name, he was one of the big rap artists, and he’s one of my favorite rappers,” Kelly said.

“He was just a great person.

He made a lot out of what he did and what he was able to do and who he was.

And I know that that’s very true, that he’s made a name for himself and made a career out of it.”

Kelly said that she was honored to be invited to meet Snoop and his wife, Rochelle, last year.

“And they were both so gracious,” Kelly told Kelly.

“They just kind of embraced me and were so warm, so gracious, and they just had a wonderful time.

Snoop’s widow, Rochesha, confirmed to Kelly that her husband died at his home in L.A. in late February. “

So I was very, very grateful for that.”

Snoop’s widow, Rochesha, confirmed to Kelly that her husband died at his home in L.A. in late February.

“Snoop passed away at the age of 89,” she told Kelly on Tuesday.

“This was the perfect time for me to share my story.”

2Pac was the largest rap label in the United States at the time of Snoop D. Doak’s death, Kelly said, and had a reputation for being one of hip-hoppers’ most lucrative labels.

2Pac and Snoop were in a battle for supremacy in the late 1970s, with 2Pac gaining the upper hand and Snoops label falling apart.

Kelly said the duo would have “a lot of fun” as they made their way through the rap world, but that their friendship eventually broke down.

“But you know, you just had to go in different directions,” Kelly added.

“It just wasn’t going to be what he envisioned.”

Snoops death prompted a backlash against the hip hop industry, with many artists criticizing the label and calling Snoop a racist.

In a statement, Snoops daughter, Aja, said that her father was a “true visionary” and that his death was a tragic loss for his family.

“The world has lost a true pioneer in his life, but it has also lost a great artist,” she said.

Kelly described her friendship with Snoop as “one of the most memorable times of my life.”

“He would have so much fun with my mother and I, he would love to be with us, he loved to talk to us, and I was so thankful for that,” Kelly continued.

“To have him around would have been one of those rare moments that I could only imagine, a truly magical moment.”

2pac, who was known for his rapping and his penchant for wearing colorful outfits, also worked as an entertainer, including as a voice on television and movies.

He released his debut album in 1978, “The Life and Times of Snoopy Dogg,” and went on to record another eight albums.

Snoop also produced the television show “Doggies” in the 1980s.

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