How to follow the angels, star and billionaire behind the angels business

A billionaire entrepreneur, angel investor and actor are the faces behind a group of Spanish celebrities that have turned their passion for creating unique, innovative and high-end experiences into a business, including one with an eye on the entertainment industry.

The group is the Angels, an international organization of angel investors, and the most active investor in the Spanish entertainment sector.

Its members are actors who have signed on to be the ambassadors of the group, who are all working on their own projects.

They include singers, actors, musicians, directors and other stars who want to launch a business or make their mark on a film, according to the Angel’s Club website.

Its founders and directors are also the heads of their respective companies, and all have experience in the media, entertainment and other sectors.

“The Angels are an umbrella group of the world’s best entrepreneurs,” the website says.

“With an annual turnover of €40 billion, they are a world-renowned global network of investors, investors, directors, celebrities, film producers, producers, writers, producers and entrepreneurs.”

It says that, since 2012, the Angels have invested more than €1.6 billion ($1.9 billion) in the entertainment sector, making it the world leader in terms of investments and generating more than 80% of its funding from private investors.

“They are one of the leading global investment groups in the world, and have attracted an impressive list of investors,” said David Fung, head of investor relations at the Angels.

The Angels’ investors include a number of Spanish media conglomerates including Univision, Televisa, and Telefónica.

Other Angel investors include the entertainment-focused media company Movistar, the music publisher Todos Santos and Spanish TV broadcaster Telemundo.

A spokesperson for the Angels said that the group was not yet publicly disclosing the names of its members, but the Angel is a part of a long tradition of Spain’s leading investment and development firms.

The company is the third largest investor in Spanish media, having raised a total of €12.8 billion ($13.9 million) in total since 2011, the website said.

The organisation was founded by entrepreneur and entrepreneur in spain Carlos Salas and his brother Juan Carlos, who run the company together.

Carlos Salas founded the company in 2007.

The brothers are active in the arts and entertainment sectors and have invested in films, music and television.

“We’ve seen the industry change and we want to do it all again,” the Angels’ head of investment and business development, Fernando Rios, said.

Development Is Supported By

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