Bill Gates, Black Female Entrepreneurs: Black Women in Business, Media, & Culture, 2016-2018

By Kate Bracken | April 20, 2018, 12:35:55PM The Black female entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg have teamed up with a few big names in the media to promote a new campaign that encourages black women to become leaders in the business world.

The campaign aims to make sure that black women have access to the kind of resources and leadership that other women of color do, as well as to highlight some of the ways black women can impact the way businesses work, the companies they work for, and the people they work with.

We’re partnering with the Black Female Founders Network to provide you with the tools and the resources you need to be an active leader, and we hope you will join us on the journey!

It was only a matter of time until we started to see more of these women who are now leaders in business and politics, and they’re a group that we know is growing, and that’s great, because it means that we can see the incredible impact that they have.

I believe we’re in a good place, because we have a lot of black female leaders in leadership, in business, in government, and in academia.

They’ve been making history in the last couple of years, and I’m really excited to see what they can do for our industry and our country.

Bill Gates said that we need to create a culture where we see the Black female entrepreneur as an equal partner in the decision-making process, and to help the people who are doing business with them.

This campaign is one of the first initiatives to focus on Black female business and technology leaders, so I’m excited to support this initiative and help to encourage the next generation of Black female leaders to be leaders in their communities.

It will help to give them a leg up in any endeavor, and it will help them to feel that they can actually be a role model for their peers, and be part of a positive, positive change in the way that Black women can start businesses and start careers.

Sheryl, who helped to bring the campaign to fruition, is the co-founder of, which is the platform where the campaign is being launched.

She also has a diverse portfolio of businesses including Microsoft, where she started in 2005, and she was a member of the Microsoft board from 2009 to 2016.

It’s an exciting time to be a Black female in the tech world, and Shery is the perfect example of how you can make an impact in the digital world, whether you’re in software, business, or politics.

I’m so excited that we’re able to partner with Sheryl on this initiative, and thank you for being part of this campaign!

The initiative is called Black Female Leaders in Business.

The goal of the campaign, as mentioned earlier, is to empower Black female executives to lead in the workplace, in politics, or in the entertainment industry.

If you have a Black business or media company, you can join in by creating an app or blog, posting to social media, and helping us create a conversation about why we’re on this journey.

Join us on Facebook for the next steps of the Black Women Founders Network initiative.

This initiative will focus on the Black females that are already leading in business.

There are many ways to get involved with this initiative.

The Black Female Founder Network has teamed up to create an online toolkit, called Black Women Leaders in Entrepreneurship, to help you understand what to do next, how to get started, and how to stay involved.

You can find more information about the initiative and the campaign here.

In addition to Sheryl’s initiative, the Black Male Entrepreneurs Network has partnered with to create another new initiative, Black Male Founders in Business: Black Male Venture Capitalists.

Here are the details about that initiative:  Black Male Founder Entrepreneurs in Business is an online initiative launched by Sheryl and the Black FTM Founders Network that will help Black males understand the opportunities that lie ahead for them as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and business leaders in general.

The website is powered by Shery and the BFF Network.

What does it mean to be “Black male?” 

There are a number of factors that can impact your status as a Black male in the US, and many of those factors are rooted in your race.

Being a Black man can mean being a person of color.

Being Black male is also tied to having a particular set of personal characteristics, or even specific social identities, that can lead to discrimination, exclusion, or other forms of disadvantage. 

Being a man of color is tied to the experiences of people of color and the experiences that they’re able and willing to share.

And finally, being a Black person means that you are more likely to experience some of these experiences.

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