10 best gifts for businesses and entrepreneurs in 2018

Businesses and entrepreneurs are spending their money on gifts for their loved ones.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best gifts that you can expect to see in 2018.


The Trump Family Charitable Gift Package: The Trump family has donated millions to various causes since becoming president, including the Make America Great Again Initiative, a charity for veterans, a new presidential library and the Make American Work initiative, a plan to make it easier for small businesses to hire.

The President-elect has also donated $1 million to the United Way Foundation, which aims to help small businesses grow and hire more Americans.

The president-elect’s daughter, Ivanka, is the chair of the Trump Foundation’s board.

The organization is also launching an initiative called Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, which will help small business owners make the most of the opportunity they have.

Ivanka Trump also gave $1,000 to the National Council for the Arts in 2018, the arts agency of the arts and entertainment complex, and will be joining the Trump administration as the arts czar.

The new arts council, which was created by President Donald Trump, will oversee the arts programs at the White House, the Department of Energy and the Department the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The arts council also oversees the arts program at the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the National Library of Medicine.


The D.C. Public Library’s gift to President Trump: The D-C.

public library donated $2 million to help fund a library for veterans and their families.

In 2017, the library donated a total of $1.3 million to support a program called “In the Loop,” which aims at helping veterans, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, military spouses and their children move through life in a more supportive environment.

The library has also worked with organizations such as Veterans for Community Empowerment and The DCCC to help veterans find jobs and scholarships.

The program will help veterans who have served in the military find employment, and is being supported by a partnership with the DCCC.


The Office of the First Lady of the United States of America: The Office has also funded a scholarship program for young adults with disabilities, including a $5,000 grant from the William H. Taft Memorial Foundation.

In 2018, Hillary Clinton gave the inaugural address for the first time, and she is set to make a second visit to D.S.U. The office also created a scholarship fund to help students who want to attend college.

The foundation is also supporting a scholarship for women’s basketball players.


The Clinton Global Initiative: The Clinton Foundation is partnering with the Clinton Global Initiatives to launch a $1 billion global partnership aimed at advancing women’s empowerment and equality around the world.

The partnership includes a $100 million women’s economic empowerment initiative and a $50 million initiative aimed at helping women in developing countries get access to clean water and sanitation.

In 2019, the Clinton Foundation will partner with the World Bank to help more than 2 million women and girls get access and start businesses.

The first Clinton Global initiative in Africa was launched in 2016, and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership is a $250 million initiative focused on helping women, girls and young people get access back into business.

The Global Initiative will help more women and children get access, start businesses and improve the lives of women and their communities.


The National Endowments for the Civil Rights Movement: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which provides legal protections for LGBTQ people and their allies, was passed in the wake of the 1964 Civil Rights Campaign.

Since then, more than 500,000 LGBTQ people have been fired from their jobs, discriminated against in housing, in public accommodations, in the workplace and in the political process.

The law, which is part of the Equal Rights Amendment, was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

The Equal Rights Act is a landmark civil rights law, passed by Congress in 1964.

It was signed by President Lyndon Johnson, who served as the first African-American president.

The act has given LGBT people protections from discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity.


The International Rescue Committee’s contribution to the 2018 Trump Foundation: The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRCAP), the refugee resettlement program that the Trump Organization has run since 2005, has contributed $1m to the Trump foundation since 2013.

The IRCAP has partnered with the U.S.-based non-profit organization World Vision, which has worked with refugee families in Iraq, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The goal of the IRCAP is to resettle as many refugees as possible to the U and U.K. and then train refugees to be permanent residents in the U, U.N. and EU countries.

In the years since the IRCAPS program started, it has resettled about 400,000 refugees.


The Smithsonian Institution’s gift for 2018: The Smithsonian Institute will be making its first contribution to Trump’s presidential

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